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The first thing you notice, well aside from the name.

Iron Balls.

The first thing you notice is the unusual shape. And the Thai writing on the bottle.

But the real first thing that a gin scholar might notice is that Iron Balls Gin is made from something highly unusual. Not botanically: ginger and lemongrass are common in gins as they are in Thai cooking. It’s the base spirit. Which get this, is distilled from some very “Thai” fruits. Pineapples and Coconuts are fermented, then distilled, and the resulting vodka is then re-distilled with botanicals to make a gin.

However unusual it may seem at first blush, it’s worth pointing out that fermenting and distilling pineapples isn’t completely unique to Iron Balls. Hailimaile distillery in Hawaii distills their spirits from local pineapple. Heck, even moonshiners put pineapple to good use. And then there’s pineapple brandies as well, but I digress. In short, the idea is that in places where grain/rye/wheat isn’t as common as it is say in Europe or the United States where many of our gins hail from, Pineapples have a long history of as a local fermentable, dating back hundreds of years in beers, chica or other non-distilled alcoholic drinks.


The nose is almost literally fruity, with sweet notes of tropical fruit, lemongrass and orange peel with a touch if galangal-esque spice. The spirit smells incredibly clean. For those that are familiar with fruit base gins, the nose is completely without some of the fruity funk that is not-altogether-uncommon among other less traditional base spirits.

The spirit is quite easy going and very mild in character. Lots of fruit again! Mango, tangerine, pineapple, and then spice takes over later with a hint of clove amidst mace and ginger. Green, lemongrass late and quite strong, the finish is nearly as clean an expression of lemongrass as I’ve ever tasted in a spirit; however, the finish is incredibly brief. There’s very little heat coming from the spirit and the flavor fades quite quickly.

It’s certainly sippable on its own, and somehow it almost tastes diluted straight from the bottle even at 40%.

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